Hello Everybody,

       My name is Colin Johnson and I am "AnimationDesks.com." I have been making animation desks ever since I was a classical animation student at Vancouver Film School and needed a desk to work at home. Fellow students began to request desks. This is when I noticed the demand for desks was there, and I was happy to fill it. Over the years I have sold many desks, including in quantities of up to 20 to Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Thanks for the interest, feel free to call me: 1-778-895-6575. Here are some photos.


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the photos



This is the desk. It costs $270 USD (plus shipping and handling) and includes the light, disk, and pegbar. They measure 24" x 30" x 5" when collapsed. No assembly required.


The 18" fluorescent light is attached to the base.


The desks are made of a high density birch plywood and finished with two coats of protective lacquer.


Measures 5" high when collapsed.


Here is a picture of the desk resting at the lowest of three height settings.


Here is a picture at the highest setting.


Gravity-fed pencil receptacle.


Rubber no-slip furniture savers.


This is the disk that comes with the desk. The pegbar is inset and I sell the disk by itself for $85 USD.


On the bottom of the disk are superglued plexiglass guides that hold the disk in place. They fit a standard 16-3/8" desk hole.



Animation Desk + Disk (U.S. and Canada)
$270 USD + $60 S & H



Animation Desk Alone (U.S. and Canada)
$190 USD + $40 S & H


Animation Disk (U.S. and Canada)
$85 USD + $18 S & H

Animation Desk + Disk (Vancouver, BC residents)
10% Special Discount to Vancouver, BC residents
who would prefer hand delivery

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Contact Information

Colin Johnson, Wood Butcher
cell: 1-778-895-6575

Methods of Payment Accepted

Credit Cards (via Paypal)
Personal Checks
C.O.D. (in Canada)
Money Orders


** Desks shipped from Canada worldwide**

Custom desks are possible, but pricey.